Gymnasts have unique requirements for their apparel, depending on whether they’re training or competing. For competitions, the accepted attire is either leotards or singlets. A leotard can be short or long-sleeved and resembles a bikini style. An alternative to a traditional leotard is a singlet, which is the same on top, but the bottom resembles shorts instead of the bikini style. Straps and frills on leotards for gymnasts should be avoided for safety reasons.  In addition to leotards and singlets, there are certain activities that require an additional layer of protection to prevent skin chafing. Long gymnastics pants are acceptable for both training and competition, and is recommended for certain activities including performances using the pummel horse, high bar, rings, and parallel bars.  Wearing the right attire is essential for gymnastics as it allows you to get the full range of motion required with ease, and allows for coaches and competition judges to see each body movement during your routine. Dance Store Direct have large stocks of Gymnastics leotards from leading brands such as Milano, Quatro and Zone with matching Scrunchies and shorts, not to forget a good range of Gymnastic bags from Zone, Tappers and Pointers.

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