At dancestoredirect we pride ourselves in our large collection of dances shoes for all levels of dancers, from our tiny tots to our advanced prima ballerinas. From soft Ballet to Pointe shoes, from basic low heel tap shoes to the more advance Tele Tone Taps we have something for everyone . We have large stock of irish dance and Highland dance shoes from brands such as Antonio Pacelli, Hullachan, james senior and roch valley. We also stock a range of dance shoe accessories from ouch pouches, foot thongs, ribbons, Toesoxs etc… in the most up to date styles and designs. Our graded ballet canvas character shoes in a low heel or Cuban heel and our stage/showtime character shoes in a variety of heel sizes and options of colour. Dance sneaker collection from Capezio ideal for street, hip hop, irish dancers and for dance fitness classes such as Zumba.