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Hullachan Boys Reel ProLite

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We are proud to launch the latest boys reel shoe from Hullachan, the Hullachan ProLite. Our designers have updated the look so it has the appearance of a Capezio Boys reel but with all the performance of a Hullachan!

Male dancers loved the performance of the previous design but asked for the toe to have a shorter profile, similar to the Capezio. Our designers have listened and we have shortened the front vamp so this new design looks extremely neat on the foot.

We have added some additional arch stitching so you get a great shape around the arch which also removes the arch bagging some dancers experience with their Capezio reel shoes.

Our designers have also softened the leather upper to be more in line with the feel of a Capezio boys reel shoe so they hug nice and tight around the foot.

Dancers loved the lightness of the Concorde Lite heels which were fitted on the previous design and the sound they generated but asked for the heels to have a more pronounced curve to help with heel clicks so the latest design has a larger bubble on the inside of the heel! All done without adding any extra weight!

These heels have the largest bubble of any boys reel shoe and we are calling this new heel the Concorde Lite PLUS!

The new design still has all those features you loved on the old design; the clever insoles which provide dual layer shock absorbency and great levels of comfort; the reinforced heel area to give you more stability when dancing and reduced risk of tearing when heel clicks go wrong as well as a black suede sole and sweat-wicking lining.

As any serious male dancer knows, the Capezio reel shoe has never been ideal. It was made for jazz dancers and as such wasn’t designed to have a heavy heel attached to it. Our Hullachan designers have designed the complete shoe for Irish dancing and as such every aspect reflects the needs of today’s male Irish dancers.

Male dancers often complain they are overlooked when it comes to design and new products, well this one is for you!

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