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The Hullachan Pro brand is synonymous with craftsmanship and a commitment to dancer’s foot health

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The Hullachan Pro brand is synonymous with craftsmanship and a commitment to dancer’s foot health. It was the first brand to develop Irish dance pumps which prioritised the health and safety of dancer’s feet and joints.

Irish dancers often start at a young age and their feet and joints are still in development and need to be treated with care. With this in mind Hullachan created the original Hullachan design which offers dancers a range of features designed to protect the dancers and create an enjoyable and safe dancing experience.

The Hullachan 2 includes all the comfort and safety features of the original design such as the seamfree toe and flat stitching throughout  so you can toe stand and dance in comfort. but with a newly developed outer sole to help dancers with low or flat arches.

As every dancer knows, a strong arch profile is key to getting a top place in competitions and is something every adjudicator is looking for when judging a dancer on stage.

The Hullachan 2 has a unique outter sole which flexes when a dancer points their foot to give even flat footed dancers an attractive arch profile.

The Hullachan 2 also benefits from medical grade Poron pads in the toe and heel area to protect a dancer’s joints and tendons after landing or during complicated foot work.

The leather in the Hullachan 2 is the same thickness as the original design so you benefit from increased support when on your toes and will find the thicker leather cushions the toes when toe walking. Especially useful if you have sensitive feet!

The thicker leather also means less stretch and a longer wear time.

So if you are a dancer with flat or low arches and want all the comfort and protection a Hullachan design offers, then the Hullchan 2 is the pump for you!

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