No matter your dance medium, Dance Store Direct stock all the accessories a professional dancer or gymnast will need for class training and professional shows. Our accessories range includes scrunchies and bows in various colours to compliment your outfit, foot undeez that help dancers perform much smoother turns and classical ballet performers will find a variety of ribbons to accessorise pointe shoes. Whatever you need to complete your dance or gymnast attire, you’ll find plenty of accessories to complete your look.

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Antonio Pocelli Poodle Socks Ultra Low


The best selling Irish dance sock in the world is now available in our shortest ever length! The current fashion for shorter socks continues! To respond to the latest trend in Irish dancing we have released the Ultra Low sock. Still the same Pacelli brilliant white sock, woven from a luxury thick knitted cotton (80%) with (20%) nylon for a great fit, but shorter in the leg so you can really show off those trained calf muscles!

Capezio foot UNDEEZ- Nude


Protect your feet while turning effortlessly. Unparalleled floor feel, foot articulation, and traction come from two separate suede sole patches which form to the individual pads of your foot.

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Capezio Knee pads- Black


Protects knees from strenuous floor workouts100% Polyester Small: will fit teens. Medium: will fit most ladies and slim built men. Large: will fit larger built ladies and most men.

Door pulley stretch strap


A fabulous pulley based stretch strap to help improve leg lifts, leg kicks, arabesques, leg pulls, needles, scorpions. Its an invaluable piece of equipment for those who do gymnastics, dance, MMA, cheerleading, figure skating – or even yoga.

Its made of one long cotton strap with two adjustable loops at either end – for your leg and hand to hold. The long strap passes through the D ring on the short strap. Then the short strap (with the rolled cotton stopper) is  placed over the top of the door.  Close the door firmly and give the long strap a firm tug to make sure the stopper is sitting snugly behind the door.  And you are ready to go.



Own your look with this bold Pineapple dance bag. The perfect size to fit all your class kit in, it features a number of zipped pockets to keep all your accessories safe and secure wherever you take them.



Travel to and from practice in style with this Pineapple dance bag. The barrel shape lends the bag a retro sporty look, and is also incredibly roomy for all your dance kit.



This eye-catching barrel bag from Pineapple is perfect for both dance practice and competitions. The