Irish Dancing Shoes


Our Irish Dance Shoe range includes heavy/hard and pomp shoes, so whether you need a hard or soft shoe, you’ll find a good fit here that supports your dance routine. Hard shoes are generally used when the click sound is an important sound to the Irish dance routine being performed and  they are much heavier than pomp shoes. Reel shoes are often preferred by solo male Irish dance performers during competitions because they’re similar to jazz shoes, but a lot more flexible.

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Antonio Pocelli Poodle Socks Ultra Low


The best selling Irish dance sock in the world is now available in our shortest ever length! The current fashion for shorter socks continues! To respond to the latest trend in Irish dancing we have released the Ultra Low sock. Still the same Pacelli brilliant white sock, woven from a luxury thick knitted cotton (80%) with (20%) nylon for a great fit, but shorter in the leg so you can really show off those trained calf muscles!

Flexi Pro


The best shoe on the market. Worn by virtually all of the current World and All Ireland Champion dancers.

Hullachan PRO 3 – irish shoe HP3

  • 4mm higher at the back and deeper heel seat – For a secure fit around the heel.
  • New lacing system (Registered Design) – Enhanced arch definition and arch support
  • Clever Insoles – Protects & cushions with a dual layer insole at the toe and heel
  • Softer leather uppers – Slight give in the leather for a great fit without overstretching
  • Seam free front – Prevents friction damage
  • 15 grams lighter than Hullachan originals (H1) – All these great features but the pump weighs less!

Stays Put | The Original and Best Sock Glue


Ideal for dancers who find their socks slipping down during practice or competitions. Sock glue is a gentle roll-on body adhesive that washes off with water, leaving no stain. It is useful in any situation where clothing needs to be held in place, whether that’s bra straps, strapless dresses or theatrical costumes.